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Don from Arizona says:
"As a child I loved Grotta, I was born and lived in Cincinnati until I was older. There are other brands similar in taste but JumpNJoe is my favorite."
Lisa from Kentucky says:
"WOW,Meatless I would have never guessed !
I eat JumpNJOE Grotta at least 3 times a week
it fits into my diet perfectly"
Mona from New Jersey says:
"Sooo glad I can now buy JUMPNJOE GROTTA
online. I love it , keep my fridge stocked now."
Tammy from Cincinnati says:
"I couldn't find it in the store and a friend told me it was by the breakfast meat ,never thought to look there since it is meatless, but there it was Jump N Joe Grotta right there in the case next to the bacon, sausage and geotta. Tried it and what can I say, it's like a drug, I'm addicted ...LOL "
.MOM from Utah says: " THANK YOU JumpNJoe Grotta, I am on a special diet for health reasons and your Grotta fits the bill. It is so healthy and my doctor gave me a thumbs up. I thank you for making a good food that I can eat that does not taste like cardboard. Now if I could just figure out a way to keep my husband and kids from eating it all, I would be set. I have tried some of the recipes you have on your site and yes it is not just for breakfast, this stuff is good anytime of the day. Thanks Again
Timmy from Florida says:" I used to live in Ohio and they sold it in stores close to where I lived, now I lived in Florida and they don't have it in stores down here but I found your site and now I can order it from there and have it sent right to my front door, don't even have to hassle with the grocery store. I love your JUMPNJOE GROTTA  wonderful add to my vegan lifestyle.
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